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Red Tractor pioneers streamed audits to safeguard UK farming’s supply chain

We have been an integral part in Red Tractor pioneering roll-out of live streamed farm audits enabling new applicants to be assessed and current members to retain their status throughout the coronavirus pandemic. 

Red Tractor's remote auditing process required the involvement of key stakeholders: Certification Bodies, Assessors, Members and Scheme Managers, and a number of related processes: audit scheduling, livestream audit, document upload for members, document review by assessors.  As managers of Red Tractor's database and member data, we were a key lynchpin in linking all the processes together.

With our expertise in data management, permissions and entity relations, we were able to ensure all key systems and stakeholders were able to carry out the operation needed at that part of the process. 

Red Tractor CEO Jim Moseley said: 

"As a world-leading assurance scheme, it was important that we developed a remote assessment option, which isn’t burdensome for our members but underpins our mantra - that adhering to the standards isn’t merely an option, it is a necessity - it’s every standard, every day.

Unlike other approaches, Red Tractor’s remote regime is sufficiently robust to replace the routine inspection through this period where physical inspections can’t be made, thereby avoiding a backlog in inspections."

Key Features

  • Secure access for key stakeholders: scheme managers, certification bodies, assessors, members
  • Data integration across systems ensuring seamless link up with each part of the remote auditing process
  • Clean data ensuring members do not need to repeat processes for different sectors

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