sustained growth builds everysite a new home

An open secret of Edinburgh, the Athens of the North, is that its beautiful summers provide a stunning and inspirational background for formulating new ideas and taking on new challenges. With the world’s largest arts festival in full swing, businesses and staff across the city are forgiven for downing tools and pulling sickies as they enjoy the sunny beer gardens, grandiose theatres and award-winning stand-up venues.

Not everysite however. During a frantic July and August we embarked on an historic office move after finally deciding to leave our old haunt on Maritime Lane. Having resided and grown in that space for the last 7 and a half years it will be missed, with sadness and happiness shared by all at the ending of an era, and at the beginning of new and exciting chapters in everysite folklore.

As part of our long term growth strategy the need for increased space and more professional environs was paramount in our decision making. What we didn’t count on, was this need coinciding with the bigger, better office round the corner from us becoming available. Sometimes life doesn’t give you lemons, it gives you baked wild Alaskan salmon with lemon and dill dressing.

With no time for hesitation our Contracts Manager, Frank O’Leary, negotiated and orchestrated the move, and by mid-July the dream had become reality with all the ‘i’s dotted and ‘t’s crossed on the lease paperwork. All that was left now was the hardest and most frustrating part, the transition of the telecommunications and internet connectivity infrastructure and contracts, as anyone who has gone through this commercially with BT and Openreach will no doubt testify.

By mid-August all of this was successfully sorted and the process of settling in and making it home could begin, with an array of new areas such as separate client and staff meeting rooms, storage and server spaces, and beautiful Victorian oak beams and exposed granite walls in the open-plan office, the task was a very welcome one.

So here at everysite, we now have the platform to push harder and work smarter to achieve the higher goals we’ve set out for the future of our business. We very much look forward to inviting our clients into our new office environment so that we can continue to forge strong successful relationships built on a level of trust and professionalism that - after more than 25 years in the game - is the reason we are where we are.

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