everysite launch a new CASI API

everysite have just launched a new API providing an alternative way to access our CASI services for deeper integration. Following modern REST principles, we aim for the CASI API to be the quickest and easiest way to get data in and out of your certification scheme..

[What’s an API? An ancronym for Application Programming Interface; which allows two independent IT systems to communicate with each other and share data. Everyone from twitter to the tax office now offer an API as another way to interact and integrate with their services]

Alongside our existing CASI portal website, providing online certification and scheme management tools, and our Audit Tool application for offline audit data capture we hope that the new API will make it even easier for our clients to mesh CASI with their business processes.

Secure from the Start

Our initial phase 1 launch includes basic APIs for authentication and authorisation (to identify who you are and what data you can access). These are based on the same comprehensive persona and security model that underlies the CASI portal; giving you confidence in knowing who has been granted access to your scheme data.

Data Designer Integration

We’ve also made it easy to publish data from our data designer via the API. Configured in just a few mouse clicks through our online designer tool, an API endpoint can be created for any data set. This means you get a web URL from which you can grab your data set in one of many formats: XML or JSON for integration with your internal IT systems; or in CSV and Excel format for processing through standard office applications.

This has already revolutionised our approach to data integrations, as through using our drag and drop tools a new data feed can be configured and published via the API in minutes – all without the time and expense of custom development work.

Tried and Tested

Several of our clients are already using our technology in precisely this way, such as AHDB pork who use the API to integrate the Pig Hub and eAML (electronic Animal Movement Licence) databases with their CRM system; and BESA (Building and Engineering Services Association), who assess members of their Health and Safety scheme using our online Desktop Audit service. API integration has facilitated BESA’s expansion of their assurance services out into the digital realm in an affordable and effective way.

Friendly for Developers

Being an IT company, we’ve made sure to look after your own development team. Our API has friendly, readable documentation available online; examples of request and response data in many different formats and you can even test out the API before writing any code.

Developers can download XML schema files that describe API in XSD format. These can be used with common programming tools to help generate the code they need to consume our data, simplifying and speeding up the integration process. We’ve been careful to test our API to ensure that it plays nicely with commonly-used frameworks for both server and client-side use, such as Microsoft WCF and JQuery.

Take a look for yourself at https://api.casi.services/ and watch as we build on this over the coming months. 

We'll be expanding our API to allow the scheduling and submission of audits and managment of non-conformance resolution. This will enable closer integration with Certification Bodies' own IT systems resulting in richer data to better inform scheme managers and owners.

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