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It's time for the second instalment of In Focus, this time we take a look at the CASI Data Designer suite -- a range of powerful cloud-based tools for building data reports and publications.

Head in the Cloud?

With your data all safely tucked away in the cloud, you might think that it's going to be both difficult and costly to analyse and report on it.  Well, that's where you're wrong!  With CASI Data Designer, you have the tools at your fingertips to create tailored reports and publications on the fly, and that includes pretty graphs, colourful charts and beautiful maps too.

"Mmm, sounds tricky"

Wrong again, my friend!  The tools are designed around our core data framework, making them both intuitive and easy-to-use.  To start building we need some building blocks, right?  And those blocks are called Data Sources. Sounds simple enough... and it is!  Each data source represents one type of data; just add a couple to your report and everything is magically wired up for you in the background.

Once you've sourced your data, you can filter and refine it.  Each type of Data Source comes with its own set of nifty filter tools that make it super quick and easy to lock down exactly what's going to be included.

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The finishing touch!

Configuring what you want to output in your report is as easy as drag and drop.  And for advanced users (well, I'm sure we can give you a little helping hand if you get stuck) using a Computed Column opens up even more possibilities; it's a bit like using a Formula in Excel (yeah, I did say advanced users!)

So there's your data report, custom-made and whipped up in a jiffy, but that's really just the start.

"So what's next?"

Good question. With your data in hand, it's just as easy to knock out some dazzling graphics for your next board report.  Take any column from your report and use it to create a Facet (can you see it sparkle?) Each Facet that you create gives a different angle to your line (graph), a different slice to your pie (chart), a different stack to your bar... well, you get the picture! You can break the data down in just the right way, grouping this and splitting the other.

And if that wasn't enough, how about plotting it all on a map? Whether you want to anonymise the data or analyse how it's distributed, try a heat map (where grid squares are coloured according to the number of points) or a contour map. Fancy yourself as a traditionalist? Then go for a trusty old point map and simply see where all the data points lie.

Plug into the Cloud

And now for the real icing on ...the cloud! As if being able to draw off all these fancy reports and graphs at will wasn't enough, now you can wire your in-house IT systems right into that data too.

Our RESTful API (and you will be restful once you've got this doing all the work for you) provides a dynamic web service (which is a bit like a web site, where one computer is talking directly to another computer) to interface directly with the data you publish. This means that your data system can read all this information automatically, or you could even build a mobile app that uses the data.

Need to include some new information? No problem, just add a new column to your report and hey presto, it will appear in the web service, just like magic!

If you would like to know more about how the CASI Data Designer suite can work for your business, contact us. The possibilities are endless...

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