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Initially developed in 2011, everysite's CASI desktop audit service now provides new features for scheme managers to gather and review data and associated documentation from their scheme members.

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What is Desktop Audit?

CASI Desktop Audit is a complete management system for scheduling, completion, review and approval of an online self-assessment audit within any certification scheme. Management of audits is carried out through the CASI administration portal, and the user-facing front-end may be customised and incorporated into a branded portal for their scheme members.

These scheme members then fill out their audit using our online tools. These present your question set alongside comprehensive guidance and external links relevant to each assessment point. Optional questions are supported through the use of scoping categories which define classes of question that may then be skipped based on the answers given to particular scoping questions.

If you require scheme members to supply copies of relevant documentation when completing their audit, Desktop Audit integrates with the CASI Document Vault service to manage the upload and storage of documents and files.

How could Desktop Audit work for me?

The Desktop Audit service has been implemented for CASI clients in a number of innovative ways:

  • Full online assessment - scheme members complete a comprehensive questionnaire and upload associated documentation for review by assessors.
  • Best practice self-assessment for farmers - voluntary questionnaires for farmers with comprehensive guidance.
  • Gathering documents for certification bodies - scheme members can upload their key scheme documents for review by their certification body prior to their on-farm inspection.
  • Bolt-on audit - members of assured supply chains complete an annual assessment to confirm compliance to scheme rules.

Why use Desktop Audit?

  • Complete package for managing the whole audit lifecycle
  • Data capture and audit trail meets UKAS requirements for accreditation schemes
  • Eliminates data-entry mistakes and missing answers from completed submissions
  • Automates sending of notification and reminders for members, administrators and reviewers
  • Integrates with Document Vault to provide capture, upload and archiving of documentation that must be supplied with an audit
  • Works cleanly alongside other CASI services for efficient and easy to use membership, certification and standards management
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