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CASI services have been providing reports to scheme owners for more than twelve years.  However, the ability to make reporting flexible to new requirements has always been tricky to balance with engineering effort.  As a result the everysite core development team has been working over the last year to design a new service that would put more control into the hands of CASI clients.

The result is the new CASI Data Designer.  A comprehensive new suite of tools that allows clients to build and adapt reports in response to changing data needs, delivering flexibility and maximising the power of scheme data.

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Define a data set

The Data Designer uses a drag-and-drop interface to let clients choose just the items of data required to build their desired data set.  Once defined, the data can be downloaded in spreadsheet format live from the database.  This ensures scheme managers can easily access specific scheme data in real time.

Charts and graphs

Once a data set has been defined, charts can be created using a wide range of chart types and configuration options.  These charts can then be downloaded as PDFs or image files (for inclusion in other documents).  Using CASI’s online charts allows scheme managers to quickly produce reports from the most up-to-date data.


CASI’s Data Designer has also been set up to allow data sets to be plotted on maps.  Point, Contour and Heat maps are available along with a number of additional adjustments and filters to help focus the output and highlight relevant trends or useful patterns. The ability to visualise scheme data geographically opens many new avenues to assess and analyse important assurance issues as well as providing a greater clarity and easier understanding to industry. 

What’s next?

The delivery of scheme reports to key stakeholders is a vital part of unlocking the value of scheme data, as a result, adding a range of publishing features to the tools is central to the specification.  The next phase of work that the team will be looking at will be to include the ability to regularly publish reports via tailored emails to secure groups of recipients or to a specified website for download.

Want to know more?

If you are interested to find out more about CASI Data Designer and what it can offer your business, please do contact us.

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